The big ol' brain behind the killer content

Ciao! I’m Melissa Zehner, a fractional content leader living my best life in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley.

I help B2B startups 5x-10x leads and revenue through content marketing. And I’m pretty good at it: I’ve generated about $300 million throughout my career.

I handle every nook and cranny of content marketing

So how do I help you grow, exactly? I build an organic lead generation machine.

Which means I craft comprehensive content and SEO strategies, guide content development, streamline processes so production scales with ease, identify conversion opportunities, and—here’s the sexy part—find ways to monetize your content.

That includes organic demand/lead generation, email nurture programs, in-app content, online course content, external content partnerships, and more.

Basically, I own and advocate for every element of content marketing so you can step away and focus on other areas of the business.

Some of my core beliefs about content marketing

As a career content marketing pro, I’ve got juuuust a few opinions that drive my overall approach. Here’s a peek into how I think about content:

  • Access to information and ideas can change lives for the better—this is content at its best
  • Creating content doesn’t entitle you to attention—you have to earn it
  • Most brands focus on blending in rather than standing out, which is why content fortune favors the bold
  • Content performs best when it’s integrated with other marketing channels and product initiatives
  • You don’t have to choose between organic and paid—you can (and probably should) do both

If you're a B2B startup, I can help you get leads

I’ve been building ands scaling content marketing programs at B2B startups for 13+ years—that includes companies in fintech, small business finance, healthcare software, marketing software, product development, medical regulations and billing, government small business programs, online education, and consulting.

And if you’re a SaaS company, you’re in luck—I’m a SaaS nerd at heart and you’re my favorite clients to partner with. 

Street cred

  • Forbes Communications Council Member 2021-2023
  • Content published on: Forbes, Comcast Business,, BestCompany, Foundr, and more
  • #1 lead source in 2020, beating all paid and partnership teams
  • Outranked another organization for their own product content

I seem pretty cool, right?