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When you work with Scroll-Stopping Content, you gain access to an elite network of experts. This is a cultivated collective of marketing pros who are thoughtful, results-oriented, and obsessed with mastering their crafts.

From America’s fastest-growing startups to household names like ESPN, they’ve built from the ground up and scaled to multimillion-dollar heights.

54 years of combined marketing experience. Millions of site visits. Hundreds of millions in revenue. This is your dream team.

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Mike Funkhouser

Mike Funkhouser started out as a kid who grew up in the Midwest, dreaming of entrepreneurship and warmer climates. But he wasn’t just a dreamer—he was also a doer. So he fled to sunny locales, started building startups, met a beautiful girl, and never suffered through another Michigan winter.

Mike’s life sounds like a fairytale but his approach to business is nothing but grounded: He’s thoughtful, data-driven, and results-oriented.

In addition to being Cofounder of Colombian Visa Services and Founder of both Small Business Mentor and Founder’s Community, Mike helps other startups grow through paid marketing. Many of these startups have partnered with Mike for years because he gets consistent results, keeping their pipelines full of leads month after month, quarter after quarter.

Mike lives in Medellin, Colombia with his partner in life and business, Daniela. The sun is always shining in Medellin and Mike hasn’t worn snow boots in years, which is just how he likes it.

Apollos Gause

Apollos Gause is one of those guys who excels at, well, everything.

He’s an absolute ace with SEO, having grown sites from 0 to 200,000 monthly visitors in less than a year. He’s analyzed sports statistics and contributed to the Emmy Award-winning show Sportscenter for a little outfit called ESPN (maybe you’ve heard of it?). And he’s crafted content for newspapers, hip hop media companies, language instruction organizations, and more.

In addition to ESPN, Apollos has lent his talents to Cendyn, Lendio, Sunrise, 347 Design, WVLT TV, The Daily Beacon, and many more.

When he’s not working, Apollos enjoys reading, listening to music, traveling with his lovely wife Emily, anticipating the birth of his son (due in February!), and playing golf and soccer. Apollos is also a polyglot: He’s fluent in four languages and is learning a fifth. The man never stops…

Stacia Rogan

If there’s something wrong, Stacia Rogan will find it and fix it. This applies to typos, broken automation triggers, or entire marketing systems.

Stacia is primarily known as the quintessential quality-obsessed, eagle-eyed editor. She’s got more than 18 years of experience coaching writers and overseeing content creation for startups, corporate juggernauts, and everything in between.

But her talents don’t stop there — she’s also got a knack for marketing operations: Stacia can blueprint, streamline, automate, and accelerate processes and systems of all shapes and sizes. It’s downright uncanny how she can envision an end-to-end marketing process and find the weak spots.

Over the past 18 years, Stacia’s worked with the best in just about every industry: Mercedes-Benz, Columbia Sportswear, King’s Hawaiian (mmm, we love those rolls!), EmpowHER Media, Free Press Houston, Foundr, Lendio, Sunrise, National Business Furniture, PulsePoint, Tri-Valley Wines, and more.

When she’s not working, you can find Stacia reading nonstop, doing puzzles, trying new soup recipes, going to plays with her husband Mike, telling her cat Mia to stop screeching, and growing the popular Alexandria, Virginia, Instagram account aroundALX.

How the collective works

Sometimes we’ll tag in one of our Collective experts to do specialized work for you. This won’t change your contract or your relationship — you simply get access to more expertise as a benefit of working with Scroll-Stopping Content. Pretty cool, eh?

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