Content marketing that gets ROI
(like actually pays the bills)

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Here's how I've generated $300 million

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Intentional strategy and quality execution beat sexy trends every time

Going viral. Disrupting the industry. 10x-ing your output with AI. It all sounds sexy but it’s not how you achieve real success.

Don’t believe me? Map out how to go viral. Seriously, create a roadmap for it… You can’t, because no one can. Going viral is a lucky fluke, not a marketing strategy.

Half-baked content that relies on hope is only going to get you half-baked results. You need something better.

Content that generates revenue and grows your business is thoughtful, strategic, and creative. It relies on proven tactics and sound roadmaps that illustrate exactly how you’ll reach your goals.

Does it sound less sexy? Yep. Does it have a hell of a lot more substance? Absolutely.

Content marketing approach

Stop the damn scroll

We’ve all mindlessly scrolled for hours. And once we’re doomscrolling, it takes a hell of a piece of content to capture our attention.

So how do we get our ideal customers to notice us, engage with us, and ultimately do business with us?

We’ve got to: Get real. Stand out. Go big. Take a stance. Ask the hard questions. Say the thing everyone is afraid to say. And try to sincerely help people. Not just sell to them. Help them.

This is how you stop the scroll.

Originality, authenticity, and passion capture attention. You don’t have to be the loudest or most controversial voice—but you’ve got to have a distinct, valuable voice. Period.

The average American consumes content for 8 hours a day. So why should anyone choose your content over everything else that’s out there? You’ve got to give us a damn good reason to choose you.

The approach that's generated $300 million

Content marketing is always evolving but the cornerstones of scroll-stopping, mind-blowing, high-performing content never go out of style.

Our followers want to know us, trust us, like us, and depend on us—and this is how we ultimately get them to buy from us.

To turn organic content into a revenue driver, I use a proprietary approach I call the 6 Elements of Scroll-Stopping Content: Clarity, Strategy, Integrity, Consistency, Adjacency, and Originality.

The result? Engaged followers, happy (repeat) customers, high conversion rates, and even higher organic revenue.

6 elements of scroll-stopping content

So does it work?

You bet your biscuit

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I'm pretty damn good at content marketing

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